my story

Simple ‘rosehip’ recipe:

Take a generous amount of ‘loving the countryside, animal husbandry and growing food’, simmer it down in Scotland until you have a rich and deep passion, then season generously with a blend of contemporary design and traditional materials. Voila! You have rosehip!

Born on a fruit farm in South East England, the outdoors was my playground. I travelled and worked my way around the globe, always finding ways to create, from organic gardening; cooking and preserving; making skincare products and jewellery; exploring fashion by finding, dismantling, fixing, designing and making clothes.

I moved to Scotland to pursue further education and fell in love with place and people. A beautiful landscape, so much more wild and rugged than the SE, where traditional culture is highly visible. After travelling to many different countries looking for home, it turned out to be on the doorstep.  Ten years ago I met George (kilt-wearing Scotsman fae Angus) … more reason to stay. Since then, we have embarked on an ever-evolving project that resembles something like sustainable living.

I have always loved tweed, I see the landscapes that I love reflected in the complex colours and patterns. Tweed is so versatile and timeless, as much at home on a sleek catwalk runway as a country walk with muddy wellies and a soggy dog.

Making bags came accidentally; George and I went on holiday to the Outer Hebrides and I was excited to buy something Tweedy! A handbag. But, I couldn’t find one I really wanted. I wanted something classic, but also edgy and unusual, so instead I bought Harris Tweed and started making.

The designs I create for rosehip are my interpretations of shape and form, taken from the very same landscapes that brings us the cloth. Every bag unique, one of only six made to each carefully designed pattern. I return to Harris every year, I love visiting the islands and searching out the rich earthy colours that have become an integral part of rosehip.

Well, that’s your wee slice of me, I hope you enjoy my designs, check out the shop, and my blog ‘hips from the hedge’ about our adventures in smallholding, and just maybe you will be persuaded to come stay at our rustic and cosy B&B in the heart of the Angus countryside…

Rose Benoy